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Lay the blame on luck

So I continued my resignation which I previously retracted. I don't know if I should be happy or not but all the beautiful words seem to float about the moment they know that you're leaving. Upon revealing it to a colleague based in New Mexico and passing the baton to him, he said "I'm sure gonna miss you." And all the appreciation he lavished on the way I handle heated meeting conversations across the Pacific among three cultures at 8AM every Tuesday.

I find no issue in a 50-year old American engineer repeatedly telling that he will be missing me and eagerly saying sure that I will keep in touch with him. Anyhow he's not the only American who said that to me. Different cultures, different meanings.


Heard Love Spit Love's "Am I Wrong" on a taxi radio last night while going home, and item #2 on my Could-Have-Been list came about. So is this blog going to be all about the CHB's I have in my life? No. And God willing, hope the wife does not find out. But Item #2 has been there since high school but after she turned me down in that afternoon beside the Transport Studies building underneath a papaya tree, she degenerated like Isabel Granada's career. Healthwise, appearance-wise, and probably, intellect-wise. I digress on the latter because she is completing her graduate studies in economics. She might have won it but she lost me. I lost her too.

I don't know why or how, but it seems like the people who wronged me met the dark sister of their fates. Like that womanchild now five months pregnant courtesy of a married man. Like that hesitant kisser now under the curse of singlehood. Well. I need to move on. 

And now for the ultimate, 246-million pesos question on the 6/42 draw: where will I go gymming? I'll miss the in-house gym we have in our office, and how the weights have responded to my body. Plus the fact that that membership is free. The new office that I will be joining does not have one, and I forgot to state it during the salary negotiation. Erghk. I'm looking at Slimmers' World in Pasay Road just near Dusit. The plus is I can go there straight from the Laguna office on commute. The minus is I've heard they're not that good in helping thin people transform into beef.

And then there is this 50-peso a session near our apartment, called TaraGym. Like Tarajing Potpot (was this a movie in the '60s?). It has a badminton court called TaraCourt on the first floor. Guess what the name of the owner is. Har har. Gold's Gym and Fitness First may be within the budget later on but I am not a star to consistently maintain--and invest in--a bod anyway. But a friend said that may motivate me to go to the gym often so that what I paid will be sulit.

Some people may scoff at why this is what I am worried about and not the stock options, car loan or housing assistance perks that the new company offers. Call me mababaw, but the benefits of the new and the old are comparable, but this time, with an almost 2x the compensation I was getting from the old, I am more purchasing-powerful. It's the little things that I'll be worrying now. Laptop? None, but I will afford to get one.

By the way, I am posting a new profile pic. It's not me. But I hope I will be, someday. Now let me in on my worrying. It's the object of my motivation.

“Lay the blame on luck”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    i'm starting to regret why i took that loan... i'm tied to the company for 5 years... =P