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Our house (in the middle of a sugarcane field)

We've been preparing logistics in our impending move to the country down south recently. Since the floor area will be much smaller albeit the air is cleaner and no more noisy charismatic groups during sunday mornings and drunken videoke spiels in the middle of the night, we will be letting go of some possessions which we've accumulated throughout the years in the big city. The mahogany living room set made in Vigan has to go:

If you are interested in acquiring this three-seater (plus a two-seater, two chairs, two side tables and one center table), please leave your e-mail in the comments section. I assure you that you will get value for your money when I disclose the price, which is negotiable. I can deliver these anywhere in Quezon City and its adjacent cities. Otherwise you'll have to shoulder S&H.

Bili na!

PS. The pillows are not included in the package.
PPS. It's not an antique set.


I didn't mean that nobody's reading my blog and I'm hungry for attention--I see you all by sitemeter. What I meant when I wrote "and blog like nobody's reading" is that I want to remove the pressure of producing something good only for the readers. This is my therapy so please bear with me and my lapses. No therapy is perfect.

Oh, and I digress--I work because I need the money, unless I'm Mother Teresa.

“Our house (in the middle of a sugarcane field)”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    i like the pillows. where did you get them?