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We're OUT!

No, not the OUT! that you're thinking.

We've moved out of the polluted yet vibrant concrete jungle that is Quezon City in exchange for a quiet and cookie-cutter house in Santa Rosa, Laguna. Everything seemed surreal that my head was spinning until now--closing the deal with the house owner Tuesday of last week, packing boxes by Friday and Saturday, and renting a truck by Sunday. When the strong rain poured when we unpacked last Monday, the proverbial buyers' remorse set in. Not that the roof was leaking, but we realized that we were surrounded by mud, and we have to act fast to pave the driveway before everything gets literally slippery out of our hands. And since we're back to the office, everything inside is still like a giant teenager's room.

Our one-storey house is cute, it looks like a life-size model of the pieces in Monopoly. So cute in fact that we do not know how to disposition some of our big acquisitions during our two-year tenure in the two-storey flat in Project 4. The queen-size bed, dresser and an heirloom narra baul had to go, back to the in-laws where we will spend the weekends in Manila. The Vigan living room set surprisingly fit a fourth of the floor area. The floor tiles had hard water stains and the sink has tilted thirty degrees to the right. And we have, currently, an amiable coexistence with the original owners of the land--termites.

Will be busy in the next few days arranging and re-arranging, hammering, pounding, paving, planting.

Adjusting and dreaming.


Something that I feel I have to brag about: Hongkong sunset 2003, magenta filter.

More of my pictures here (It's semi-live but I feel it has improved over the past few months. I'll make a formal announcement later.). Please leave a comment there too.

“We're OUT!”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    post a pix of your new house when you're done decorating. ;)