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Collective Apathy

Thank God I got the Christmas basket in one piece. The e-mail system is back to normal (which means, we still get the occasional red screen of death) and so is the security (Killer Guard with Killer Looks still there, waiting to pounce on the new employee). Shuttle service is commendable, reminding everybody to buckle up even if there are no seatbelts inside a back-up when the aging bus broke down. This after realizing that we have the highest mortality rate in terms of bringing people to and from the plant...and the thereafter (was in the news about two years ago and some years again before that).

And all this time not a single whimper was heard from the regular employees. I've realized that there is fear of reprisal if you scold the IT technician for responding ages to your bogged network, if you snob the security for not giving you factory access, or your manager for monkeying around. We get paid highly anyway, so what's the point of nagging?

It's the myth of Asian modesty and we could as well be a separate continent.

“Collective Apathy”