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Thin-crusted heresy

People at the office are currently in a celebratory mood today, from birthdays to regularization pay hikes. We had home-grown Dan Eric's ice cream (straight from Las Pinas to your Selecta-saturated taste buds) and a pizza delivery.

I would understand that the yellow-tubbed Dan Eric's mango ice cream would taste like buttery mantecado, or its cookies n'cream mistaken for choco marble.

But a pizza with cherries?

Sidestepping 3M as the Picha Pie, Greenwich has announced its new offer, the Pizza Buena. Described in its website as the perfect pizza for the holidays, it consists of edam cheese, fiesta ham, pineapple bits and the loathed red knobs. You would mistake it for warm toasts with strawberry jam, perfect for an afternoon tea. Revolting.

It's heresy. It's a mortal sin. The Italian embassy should file a diplomatic protest. When the news reaches Rome, expect them to launch a missile attack on the Greenwich corporate HQ. This is ultimate kajologan.

I can't wait for a version with nata de coco.

“Thin-crusted heresy”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    walang ube flavor?

  2. Anonymous cmg Says:

    attention: dan eric's ice cream
    Pls post your contact no. and email.