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Thinking in italics

I know, I know, Da King is dead and somebody's pissed off because she should have been President by now. And just last week and earlier, we were mourning the spoils of the storms. Logging may have been a hot issue then, what with all the Joyce Kilmer posts she put up to save our forests from thinning out but now our attention has shifted to the man who could have been Philippine president who was, three months earlier, the subject of a journalistic chugifest, online and offline. Now we see a barrage of eulogies, praising Poe in the field he has done best (there's even an RIP FPJ thread in Peyups.com!). With a googleplex lining up to see his remains, he still managed to put on a show even in the afterlife.

What a great pre-holidays showdown. The fiscal crisis flag was up, and then it was declared over, a thousand Filipinos died by greed, and another, this time, a cause celebre casualty. We're a nation of channel surfers with short attention spans.

Now repeat what I said.

“Thinking in italics”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    25 minutes of the 30-minute news dedicated to effigy? gah...