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A month of hedonism

I'm planning to beg forgiveness. While I turned down Subic because I felt it too obscene to party while our ancestral house was submerged, I had the gall to be hedonistic at the time when water swept most of the Indian rim.

Everything was free courtesy of beloved benefactors and I've graduated from social smoking and took it to the next level. A potent mix of peer pressure and the solidarity to bitch at unknowing passersby. Just a stick in the morning for my zeitgeber. Still not having vodka for breakfast, though.

One wedding...

Fernwood is the it place to tie the knot these days. Reception looks like a big greenhouse with faux falls and...swans in the heart of Tandang Sora? Vines in the ceiling, I thought there was fresh basil on my pasta plate. Monkeys are optional, that is, depending on your choice of best man.

Mental note to self: I want "A Whiter Shade of Pale" to be sung on my church wedding, post-procession or during the dance. If we can import Annie Lennox much better. Not that it was sung there. I want to be original.

the beach...

Never knew Puerto Galera is very accessible from Cubao. Five hours and we're into Luzon's temple of hedonism. And surprisingly cheap. Food is a hit-and-miss thing. The kebabs were good in one hole-in-the-wall (it starts with a "B") but the breakfast was terrible in one fronting the sea (White Beach something restaurant).

I lovehated the 100-peso massage on the beach. They're decent and they're good except for their abrasive palms (a mixture of sand, oil and libag from the previous client). I opted for coconut oil (the other was sampaguita oil--funereal, err, girly) and felt transformed into a giant kalamay. I knew I became one when somebody looking for desert poked me with a fork when we were drunk (could lick me instead).

...and a funeral.

A former supervisor died. I was on his government project as a temp during my in-between days as a fresh resignee and comeback student four years back. He fell unconscious during a meeting when a nerve snapped. Until now I was thinking, how could it be, eh masamang damo sya?

I never had a full workweek in his office cum nicotine chamber. Cigs, alcohol and chess. Add nasty colleague rumors of an affair, a lovechild and a dash of death wishes. Mix well.

Will visit him tomorrow.

I need to pay my respects, but can somebody tell me where I can buy them first?

N.B. Will post pictures if possible. No, not the funeral.

“A month of hedonism”