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Everything But The Blog

Been through here and here and finally here, plus a photoblog on the side. And take a look at this, I'm officially on my second year today blogging for personal use (I used to post to an earlier group blog which, sadly is in purgatory right now).

It is my zeitgeber and my reason for working. Happy anniversary to us, TWP.


Giving up so soon? Clue for Item #5 on my Lilith Fair-ish list as with others on my list: it's by Everything But The Girl, from their Language of Life CD. No googling, please.

NB. I'm not giving links of my previous blogs as these are highly controversial. As an ongoing project, however, I'll be moving snippets of these entries to TWP and will let you know.

NBB. This is my reason for my going to work everyday. Free internet, got it?

“Everything But The Blog”