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Nasaan si Carlo Maceda?

Two things today:

1. No matter how many times you hit Google Search, there is no naked picture of Carlo Maceda* in this blog. Kahit sino pang hubad na Carlo Macedang magtataho, tricycle driver, konduktor, albularyo, lasalista o satanista, WALA!

2. Guys, you know who you are. If there's any rift between the two of you, I'm out of it. I'm innocent (and sweet and virginal) and I have no plans of treating both of you as nonfriends.

I'm just an ordinary guy with an ordinary blog with a new template. *eyes wink like Bambi*

Gelukkig weekeind, iedereen!

*For a dissection on how Carlo Maceda philes were able to land in this quite simple, smalltown humble blog, go here.

“Nasaan si Carlo Maceda?”