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*Can't stop wriggling on my seat

What they say about "Warm Bodies: The Kris Aquino Complex":


"Really interesting!"

"I like the Nick Bantock project!"


"in a time when i was losing my touch in creating quality blog entries, this compliation inspired me again."

"nice read!"

" asteeg! great job, buddy. :D
(issue no. 2, anyone?)"

"I have just started reading the e-book. It is impressive and has an engaging style. Very interesting indeed. Congratulations to those who have put so much work into it. Definitely a labor of love."

"...I think every Filipino blogger should read it. To put it simply, it elevates online diary-writing to an art form...You just added another dimension to my blogging experience."
--the Sassy Lawyer

And we are featured in Houseonahill.net! Follow this link. Thank you very much, Sassy Lawyer!

Now the question is still hanging: Second issue, anyone? I've opened up the Warm Bodies flickr group for some lively discussion. Go here.

And there's more! Wanna have this banner?


Copy this code into your site and it will direct you to the flickr group:

“*Can't stop wriggling on my seat”