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Adapt or Die

Another to add in a list of "...or Die" arguments. My TRIZ trainer had "Innovate or Die" on his e-mail signature. What's next? Blog or Die. Awr.

But on a clear Labor Day holiday, EBTG's Adapt or Die: Ten Years of Remixes got me restless, I had to go to Tower Records' Basement to listen to it on my own. It started off with "Missing", the seminal track in the Amplified Heart LP signaling something that wants "to get out" of the melancholia that the duo is boxed into since their "When All's Well" days. It snowballed track after track, it felt like flirting at the first wink and wanting a quickie in an office stairwell afterwards. Not a wet spot in my boxers though. Reminiscent of warehouse rave parties of the 90's but with the intimacy of house mixes. "Corcovado" never sounded so ethereal. And I am mulling like a pseudo-music critic.

I Ages ago I bought a similar dance LP, The Cure's Mixed Up on tape (tape? what's a tape?). I think I scratched the "In-Between Days" track because of constant rewinding (you mean it's not a CD?). Not quite unlike Adapt or Die where I want to shoot fists in the air like a coño boy in Libis everytime.


Or die.

“Adapt or Die”