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Death by packaging

Of all products that modern society has to offer, why is it common for breads and cookies to be packaged in such a way that by the time you unpacked the edible stuff, you have peeled miles of adhesive tape enough to circle to the moon and back?

I can't think of any other theory, perhaps covering the ensaymada in cellophane, then mummifying it with scotch tape would discourage the growth of fungus, but that wouldn't stop the natural process of nonspontaneous generation. Fungi, bacteria and other microscopic flora will logarithmically fluorish as long as oxygen (or an alternative atmosphere such as sulfur) is present at the right temperature, which is true even when protected with microporous materials as cellophane. Scotch tape or no scotch tape. Better have it vacuum-packed, but ensaymada without air is like the Church without a Pope.

I'm ruminating this fact while waiting and praying that the mamon beside me will unpack out of its own volition. I'm getting hungry by the minute but that won't increase bread sales from a marketing pov.

Had the First Aid industry followed this route we would have wiped out half of the world's population in no time.

“Death by packaging”