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Fan mail

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I'll be honest. During those days when the word "mail" didn't have the letter "e" and a dash prefixed to it, and when a trip to the post office was a ritual, I sent a letter to Michael Jackson. Generic fan stuff, and I never considered the competition nor the fact that it has a high probability to go straight into the bin. But in my young mind long before he was white, I hoped that he would answer back.

So in order to fill in what was left of my motivation, my cousin had this bright idea to tag me to Gary Valenciano's concert somewhere in Cubao. We rode a maroon JD bus that had lawanit windows which you need to pull upwards if you want to be shielded from the sun or the rain. We started from Pasay Rotonda and landed in Araneta, the big dome very distinct. There was no Farmers' Plaza then. I puked on my shirt because I never travelled great distances--this was EDSA before the MRT and Bonamine, and subsequent trips to Quezon City were punctuated with acrid half-digested rice or pandesal. I programmed myself this way until early high school. Somebody said Cubao is a state of mind. And so is vomitus. I'm contented with QUAD, the forerunner of today's Glorietta, thank you. Megamall and Galleria were grasslands.

My cousin had to buy me a Shazam shirt at Fairmart, the department store near Aurora Boulevard which still stands to this day. My memories of the actual concert were blurred--Gary was on a stage a foot high and it was a mall tour. Perhaps it was Ali Mall, for after the performance and everybody were ogling around him, my cousin, not prepared for this part, hurriedly bought a Robby Rabbit bookmark at Gift Gate for Gary to autograph. She failed though, and I asked her from a distance what she got.

She was able to plant a buss. She kissed Gary Valenciano long before Angeli Pangilinan came into Pure Energy's life.

She ought to put it in her resume.


Here are the long-overdue answers to the 80's trivia that I lately posted. Corrections are welcome. Don't we all have a sense of amnesia for our local history--and this is where I inject the social relevance of it all.

Ano ang kinamatay ni Joel Alano? Ni Dindo Fernando? sakit sa puso

Ano ang background music ng Lovingly Yours? Ballade Pour Adeline

Sino si Rene Mariano? Isang manghuhula Ano ang title ng horror film na related sa kanyang buhay? Hiwaga sa Balete Drive

Pinagbidahan naman ito ni Jay Ilagan at Tet Antiquera. Sitak ni Jack

Saan nakatira sina Gloria Romero at ang mga boys ng Palibhasa Lalake? Tayuman Saan sila namamalengke? Pritil

Sino ang female host ng Kalatog Pinggan? Malou Maglutac

Sino ang tatay ng Escalera brothers? Rod Navarro

Ano ang pangalan ng yaya ni Flor de Luna? Soling

Si Ces Quesada ay unang lumabas sa anong gag show? Sic o'Clock News Saan sya nagturo ng Theater Arts? UP Diliman

Ang Rico Mambo ay tinugtog at sinayaw sa anong pelikula ni Manilyn Reynes? Family Tree

Ano ang original title ng pelikula ni Tina Paner na Tamis ng Unang Halik? Pepay Paypay

Sino ang mahilig magsabi ng "OK Ngarud"? Rod Navarro or Joe Quirino

Anong araw sa That’s si Brylle Mondejar at Lester Samonte? Tuesday

Sino ang mga batang yagit? Jocelyn, Tonton at Elisa

Sino ang original members ng That’s? Lea Salonga, Lotlot de Leon, Francis Magalona, Dranreb Belleza Sino ang unang new member? Manilyn Reynes

Sino ang Liberty Boys? Lito Pimentel, Edgar Mande

Ano ang kinakanta kapag patapos na ang isang episode ng That's Entertainment? Let There Be Peace on Earth

“Fan mail”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Lester Samonte was not a member of the Tuesday group. He was in fact a member of the Thursday group. He used to be paired up with Vina Morales during his early days with That's Entertainment.

    On the same note... Manilyn Reynes was actually part of the original cast of That's Entertainment.

  2. Anonymous callboi Says:

    and im not also sure but i think its not tayuman...the place where they levae i think is singalong...not also sure about it!

  3. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    the yagit kids are Jocelyn, Elisa and Tom-tom and not Tonton.