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Mr. Komiks Writer, can I make a request?

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I admit that I am a packrat, and while wading this weekend through boxes of memorabilia looking for "songhits" that I can source out pop 80's lyrics to post again (I still haven't seen a decent Rico Mambo tab), I came upon Platinum Songhits, this one dated 1987. We all knew for a fact that komiks ruled the afternoons after Heredera or Annaluna, especially in provinces where RPN9 was the only channel, and during long brownout spells when they also served as cooling devices.

Come to think of it, Filipinos always have a hand on innovation. Where else in the world can you request a song, submit your life story and see it go live in the pages of a song book? I know that Platinum is not the only one who exploited this avenue. I remember "Lovesongs" which combined the quirks of komiks and songhits in full, fusing the Filipinos' passion for theatrics and music.

Sa'n ka pa?

I wasn't able to get the name of the komiks/songhits (komhits? songmiks?) illustrator because it's not in the byline, but the name Cal SobrepeƱa is stuck at the back of my head.

Visit the Philippine Comics Art Museum here, maintained by Gerry Alanguilan.

“Mr. Komiks Writer, can I make a request?”