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Review 2005

In the industry that I am in, focal (a local term for performance appraisal) worksheets for my performance review consist of tangible achievements that I have done the past year, which are usually expressed in numbers. Some companies even require their employees to "dollarize" their accomplishments. Some examples (not exactly mine):

(1) Launched alternative PM schedule which reduced MC downtime by 50% due to availability of spare bondhead.
(2) Reduced NPI TPT to 3.1 weeks from 6 months by A/T synergy, the shortest in NPI history.
(3) Increased RD yield by 0.3% by smashed BPO resolution in WB module.
(4) Asset dispo and NBV recon resulted in a cost-avoidance of $315M with zero Class A and Class B audit items.
Galing, di ba? Just don't mind the acronyms. They're there to provide some engineering aura into what I've done. And then there is GMA's focal worksheet, courtesy of Conrado de Quiros. During her term, the Philippines has:
(1) Become the most dangerous place in the world for journalists, worse even than Iraq;
(2) Become the second most corrupt country in the world, and the No. 1 in Asia;
(3) Reached the highest level of public debt (P4.08 trillion) and the biggest amount of foreign borrowing (more than Corazon Aquino, Fidel Ramos and Joseph Estrada combined);
(4) Become the new "shabu" (known elsewhere as "crack) manufacturing center of Asia;
(5) Achieved the highest unemployment rate (13.9 percent or five million unemployed) and the highest underemployment rate, including the collapse of the garment industry;
(6) Had the most expensive and fraudulent elections;
(7) Had the biggest number of poor, from 32 percent under President Joseph Estrada to 47 percent under President Arroyo;
(8) Had the highest price of oil products ever (P33 per liter);
(9) Had the highest dollar-peso exchange rate (P56 to $1);
(10) Had the biggest number of casinos and gambling establishments.
My worksheet pales in comparison. Let's give her an IR* rating.

*Improvement required. That is, if we want to give her another chance. Would you?

“Review 2005”