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Siege and a segue

I'm getting drowsy with this cold tablet that I took this morning, and standing up looks like a gargantuan feat. The chemical equations for the Science of Muria (aka Neutralizing Sulfura Part 3) are still unmade due to my condition, but this one question posted by Siege (which poses like a segue to Part 3 too) kept my neurons jogging:

Carmina's Sulfura was horribly disfigured by Prospera in an episode where the latter poured a bottle of commercially available muriatic acid in Sulfura's bathwater while she was still in it. Question: Didn't the soap in the water neutralize the acid? Plus the water pa. How dangerous ba ang commercially available muriatic acid?
Has Prospera become so control-freakish that she wanted to clean her daughter's rival's bathtub? Essentially that is what Prospera did. 1 part of commercially-available muriatic acid is usually diluted with 10 parts water to effectively clean bathroom tiles and fixtures, for example, 10 tabo of water to 1 tabo of muriatic acid. To kill a person--in a bathtub with soapy water--with muriatic acid she could have opted to coax Sulfura into drinking the acid instead. Or to be stylish about it, prepare some gelatin cubes made of muriatic acid and serve it on a martini glass. But it looks like Prospera is intent more on disfiguring Sulfura than killing her.

I haven't seen Prospera's crime on TV, but if she used 500 mL of the acid (usually the largest size available in groceries) on a standard bathtub, she has successfully wiped out its bacteria population. Add the fact that soapy water, which contains sodium hydroxide would quell the acid's capacities, albeit in limited amounts. Sulfura wouldn't be horribly disfigured, unless Prospera poured it directly on her submerged body to create pockets of concentrated acid. Sulfura would end up with a terrible itch and some scars, though. For a supermodel, that's tantamount to murder.

How dangerous is muriatic acid, assuming you are in your right mind not to drink it or lather it on your skin in the first place? Concentrated acid when poured, in say the bathroom floor, produces acid mists. Its vapors could irritate the eyes and the respiratory system if you accidentally inhaled it, so it's safer to dilute it in water.

Tip: If you've been bitten by an ant, rub it with wet soap. Ants inject formic acid into your skin and soap would lessen the irritation.

“Siege and a segue”

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    Aliw ako sa blog mo. Love na kita, Sky. You're tittilatingly scintilating. A true gay magnet in terms of wits and eloquence.