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Sky flakes

Let other bloggers blog about the iBlog summit. I'll talk about it later. Here's something to add to my bragging rights list (a.k.a. pampahaba ng hair. Ha ha I'm learning). Shout out to McVie for an innovative take on the blogging experience, and I was lucky enough to be the first feature in his talk show format. You can check out the whole transcript here, and these are some highlights:

On shit and life in general:

Ang tae, kahit lasang litson pa yan, tae pa rin.
On choosing Madam Auring over Tiya Pusit:
I think she knows how to give Archie good head, the reason why the boy is staying. Vagina is a vagina is a vagina.
On people asking why was I interviewed:
Oo nga, why interview me? (pa-humble effect) I have no idea.

“Sky flakes”