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Skythologies: Neutralizing Sulfura Part 2

Muria's Resumé

N.B. Since our casting call was limited and immediate and the model of our choice refused for personal reasons, Muria's visualization will be released at a later date. Thank you.

Muria can have two genealogies:

Natural--she formed from the direct solidification of hydrogen sulfide gas from the mouths of a volcano in Hawaii and was raised by a vulcanologist of Ilocano ancestry, and she came to the Philippines after news of her being one of the finalists of American Idol hit local shores. Yes, ripoff of that Trias girl. Too cheesy, but she can follow the modelling storyboard created for Sulfura from there. Or,

Artificial--formed when her mother, Galena (the lead sulfide mineral) was thrown by Darna's extraterrestrial ancestor, in perhaps a grudge match, into a lead smelter somewhere in Marilao (the actual car battery recycling plant Philippine Recyclers Inc.) during the month of August, when typhoons are at an all time high. The combination of sulfur dioxide gas (byproduct of galena and hydrogen within the smelter chamber) and rainwater produced acid rain, and Galena mythically gave birth to Muria. Her breath smells like rotten eggs, which is the actual smell of hydrogen sulfide (natural gas formed from the decay of organic matter).

She has the power to invoke the clouds like X-men's Storm and in her fits, blows into rainwater to create acid rain. Her breath stank enough that she accidentally killed Galena just by opening her mouth, causing undue guilt and bitterness that gave her the apocalyptic flair for destruction. She has a soft, searching heart though, in reverence to the mother she never knew (for telenovelic purposes).

Her nemesis will be Agent E341 (a derivative of calcium phosphate, which consumes sulfuric acid to make fertilizer), a part-time farmer and Darna ally based in Leyte, where the actual PhilPhos Fertilizer plant is located. Agent E341 is also the guardian of the Mines of Vanadia (vanadium pentoxide, a catalyst that hastens the production of sulfuric acid) which Muria covets to increase her power.

Her weakness, her kryptonite, will be bauxite, a mineral composed primarily of aluminum hydroxide, found abundantly in the jungles of Indonesia. Her costume is distinct, as she wears an industrial face mask with smart-adjustable holes to vary the intensity of her breath.

And as Edna Mode would insist, "No capes."


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UPDATE: I'll add a Part 3 - The Science of Muria, to explain the principles behind in the best way that I can. Hope this will help you out, folks.

“Skythologies: Neutralizing Sulfura Part 2”