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Bin list

Ano nga ba ang "random" sa salitang Filipino? Di naman pwedeng samu't sari. Wala syang pattern, plano o purpose. Basta, kapag ganitong meron akong gustong i-blog pero hindi sya akma bilang isang full-blown na tema, ililista ko na lang. Sa mundo ng engineering, o at least sa pinagtatrabahuan ko (dati), ang tawag namin sa mga bagay na kailangang pagbigyan ng pansin pero di sya nauukol sa kasalukuyang kalagayan ay tinatala sa "bin list." Self-explanatory. No particular order. Pwede rin sa sideblog ko pero dito na lang.

1. My take on Sulfura's chemistry is cited here: the Darna blog.

2. Shout out to jdavies and his Tanaga project. I've known this indigenous literary form during grade school. One project I remember being given by my mom to her students is to produce visual art based on accents in some tanaga pieces.

3. Editing activity for Warm Bodies: Project 2 is in full swing!

4. I think I'm turning Japanese.
Books read: Alan Brown's "Audrey Hepburn's Neck" (again), Arthur Golden's "Memoirs of a Geisha" and Haruki Murakami's "The Elephant Vanishes and other stories."

MP3's downloaded: Chodenshi Bioman, Chichi wo Motomete, Astroboy Theme, Uran Theme, Prism of the Wind

Food: Saisaki--Walang matinong Hapon ang kumakain sa Saisaki.
UPDATE: Furusato @ Carmelray Industrial Park. You wouldn't know what lies behind those sugarcane fields (there's even a Dencio's near our site, I've heard).

5. Suman Latik photomosaic--noticed the pictures? They're a preview of something great to come your (and my) way.

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“Bin list”