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Hello? Hello Pinoyblog?

"He blogs from his office cubicle and we can only wonder if his bosses know. With the quality of the output in his blog, it's just possible that he pours more of his creative juices into his blog entries than into his work." How do I do it?

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It's been posted for four days already. I'm Pinoyblog's Featured Pinoyblog of the Week since June 24. You can rate my blog here: http://www.pinoyblog.com/features/.

"I am not anxious to protect my votes and have no plans of conversations with many people, including a Pinoyblog webmaster. My intent is not to influence the outcome of the Featured Pinoyblog of the Week ratings, and I hope it will not."

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An aside: My blog's been rendering white spaces after the latest post--Firefox issues. Haven't seen this in IE or Maxthon. Apologies for the inconvenience.

“Hello? Hello Pinoyblog?”