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Kimi no kokoro ni shirushi wa aru ka?*

Why was the original Yellow Four killed in Bioman's Episode 10?

The most authoritative page on Bioman has documented one chismis (yes, even sentais get intrigas):

Obviously, because the actress [playing Yellow 4] Yuki Yajima had to leave...This is one apocryphal story that I've heard somewhere: Yuki Yajima is a member of the Japan Action Club or JAC, a group of stuntmen. Her contract was with THEM, not directly with Toei. I was told that at the time, JAC was in a financial nadir, and [she] quit JAC. The problem is, by quitting JAC, she couldn't continue with Bioman anymore.
It hasn't been confirmed though. Bottomline, Yuki Yajima had to leave abruptly that filming the 10th episode was impossible. So if some of you may have noticed with your juvenile eyes at that time (1986 probably), Yellow Four appeared in her costume in the episode where she died, but Yuki Yajima only appeared in flashback sequences. This bought enough time to search for a new Yellow Four in the person of Sumiko Tanaka.

Case solved. It took me almost 20 years to find out.

*Is there the sign in your heart? (first line of the opening song, Cho-Denshi Bioman)
Image courtesy of the aforementioned site.

“Kimi no kokoro ni shirushi wa aru ka?*”

  1. Anonymous eyes only Says:

    i've noticed that as a 12-yr old admirer of Casey, she was in Yellow 4 costume all throughout the episode. She's shown as Casey only in flashbacks. Sya pa naman crush ko nun... kala ko nga namantay... guess what, we're currently enjoying Shaider & Bioman tunes here