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And because we wanted to start early this time...

The editors of Warm Bodies are now accepting entries for its third offering, tentatively titled Nostalgia Galore. Submissions should be reflective of the era most of us grew up with, from the late 70's up to the 80's. Aqua Net, Mazinger Z, leg warmers and Young Love, Sweet Love, to name a few, wishing it was 1984 again when Kuya Bodjie and Ate Sienna helped us get through the day. Here are the mechanics, we'll take care of the audience impact. Roll VTR!

The Blogger Participant
1. Must be a blogger, of course, from the Philippines or calls the Philippines home.

The Blog Entry
1. Must be appropriate for the theme "Nostalgia Galore".
2. Full entry submissions are not necessary. Participants can just submit the entry URL. Ergo, index URL's are not allowed. The editors don't have the time to wade into a blog and scour for entries appropriate for the theme. e.g. This is what we like: http://nominatedblog.blog.com/nostalgia.html. Not this: http://nominatedblog.blog.com. Broken links likewise go directly to the trashbin.
3. We require the entry to fill up a standard computer screen, in normal internet font sizes, at the least, in terms of length. Images, marquees and buttons to fill it up are not counted.

The editors are empowered and discretions will be made when appropriate. "Judges' decisions are final."

You can send the entry URL's, a short description of yourself, and your blog URL, to this e-mail address: warmDOTbodies3ATgmailDOTcom. We'll be collecting entries until Sept 15, 2005 Midnight Philippine Standard Time.

Stay current by joining the Warm Bodies Yahoo! group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/warmbodies/.

Please pass around. You could be the next lucky homepartner.

“And because we wanted to start early this time...”

  1. Blogger blue arden Says:

    hehe i love the theme's name!

    sayang would have wanted to join, unfortunately ive no nostalgic posts.

  2. Blogger kat Says:

    Does it have to be an existing entry... or kung ngayon palang ako gagawa, ok lang?

  3. Blogger sky Says:

    jase, kat: although we prefer previous posts to lessen the impression of being contrived, it's not a big deal really. look at the deadline, it's more than a month away. so go ahead and submit anyway!