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Si Gelay po ito:

London Terror Bombings Kill 37, Wound 700

British Prime Minister Tony Blair blamed Islamic extremists and said the bombings were designed to coincide with the opening in Scotland of a G-8 summit of the world's most powerful leaders. Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said the bombings — which came the day after London won the bid to host the 2012 Olympics — have the "hallmarks of an al-Qaida-related attack." [Yahoo! News]

Yung professor ko kanina ito yung halimbawa niya sa lesson namin about schemas. People already have a set of information in mind na kapag may mga bombahang nagaganap, automatic na Al-Quaeda ang gumawa. Of course, as far as we know we still cannot confirm if extremist groups such as Al-Quaeda really did this, pero sila man ang gumawa nito o hindi, chances are we will discredit the idea na they are innocent (if ever) about this accident.

But still, it's sad that people lose their lives just like that. We all strive to find meaning in our lives pero mamamatay na lang nang ganoon.


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