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Past the mission

500 baby steps from this road and you'll see where The White Papers began. I'm missing my birthplace already.

Recto Street, from the Batang Baler blog. (I'm back!)

“Past the mission”

  1. Blogger slim whale Says:

    i wish i was born in the provinces. it's good to have a place to go back to. welcome back

  2. Blogger McVie Says:

    When was the last time you were there? :-)

  3. Blogger sky Says:

    chris+: i guess it doesn't matter where you were born. you always take it with you. it's inside you.

    mcvie: almost two years ago when my mama died. before that, uhm, seven years ago? can't remember.

  4. Blogger McVie Says:

    Oh yeah, I forgot: Welcome back!

    How many hours going there? Feel ko yatang mag-road trip doon.

  5. Blogger sky Says:

    48 years. Hinde! 8 hours by bus. Pwede mo i-road test si Orlando doon. E-mail me for some good spots there.

  6. Blogger McVie Says:

    Wow, 8 hours din pala. I will email you when I'm pretty sure that I will be going on that particular road trip. :-)