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Warm Bodies 2: Orange Sunset

Warm Bodies 2: Orange Sunset draws on the Pinoy blogging community’s reception of the first Warm Bodies anthology, The Kris Aquino Complex. The unified theme for this offering is Change, compiling select bloggers’ interpretation of the only thing that a cliché brands permanent in the universe.

Aside from sequels, that is—movies and revolutions aside.

Download Warm Bodies 2: Orange Sunset here or click directly on the image.

Download Warm Bodies: The Kris Aquino Complex here.

Spread the word.

UPDATE: You can also download Orange Sunset at the UP Alumni website.

“Warm Bodies 2: Orange Sunset”

  1. Blogger noreen Says:

    yey! congrats! natapos din. nyahahaha

  2. Anonymous mud Says:

    anong sophomore slump?! galing-galing naman!

    (btw, i used the cover-image on my blog. used my own photobucket para di hassle sa bandwidth mo. salamat.)

  3. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    congrats! ang galeng!

  4. Blogger McVie Says:

    Pakshet. Di ko ma-download. Down daw.

    (Friday, 8:44pm)

  5. Blogger Dude Says:

    galing! pramis, sali ulet ako next issue. ;-)

  6. Blogger digitalfilipino Says:

    Congratulations sa inyong lahat! More power. I was able to download it and an interesting read.

  7. Blogger markus Says:

    uy meron na pala. na-scan ko na, pero DL ko muna. kongrayts bud!