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Becoz imma proud daddy

“Becoz imma proud daddy”

  1. Anonymous angela Says:

    May Bryan pala yung name ng first son mo kuya. Mahal na mahal mo name mo, no? Wehehe! Pis :3

    Pero ang halimaw! Hanep, nung bata ako ganyan ako. Ngayon... nevermind, wehehe. Ouch.

  2. Anonymous sky Says:

    Wala kayang Bryan ang birth certificate ko. Sa baptismal lang. Napaka-generic ng pangalan ko.

    Kahlil talaga tawag sa kanya. After the Lebanese poet.

  3. Anonymous Sleepy Head Says:

    Wow, in my lifetime, never ako nakakuha ng ganyan kadaming award sa acads! (hmmm...try ko kaya second shot sa mas madaling course. hahahaha!) ....big time pa naman ang maging best in math and sciences, pero steady na akong maka-top ten noon. hehehehe! =) congratulations to kahlil, at syemps you have all the reasons to be proud of your son. =)

  4. Anonymous banzai cat Says:

    Nakanaman :). Congrats!

    Yeah, I remember nung bata ako, ang dami-daming awards of all types. Most polite, well-dressed, etc. Ngayon, it's only the top 1 that matters. Hay nako, that's depressing sign that you're getting older.

  5. Anonymous sky Says:

    marlon: me too, nagkakalat ako sa school nung kindergarten. must be the mozart i played while he was still in the womb. still, i'll let him be. no pressures.

    bc: yes, kinda depressing as all the signs are there. but then again i have to look the other way.

  6. Anonymous angela Says:

    Kahlil, di ba yun din name nung anak ni mari kaimo? Hehe. okay, ang random.

    kuya banzai cat, depende sa school. nung elementary ako sa sectarian, coed school, ang honors lang kapag recognition day ay 1st-3rd honors, best in religion (in fairness 7 years straight ko nakuha 'to), best in deportment (pinakamabait, one boy, one girl), best in computer. pag graduation, top 7 overall tapos me mga loyalty award chuchu pa.

    nung HS ako pag recognition 1-10 overall tapos lahat ng best sa lahat ng subject. medyo exagg yung valedictorian namin ang daming nakuha.

  7. Anonymous sky Says:

    Pangalan din ng anak ni Ybarro at ni Alena.

    Hindi determinant ng success ang performance sa elementary, lalo na kung superficial lang ang treatment ng mga magulang dito--social acceptance, rote, etc. Kaya ako di ko pinepressure mag-excel ang mga anak ko academically. Tatanda sila bigla.

  8. Anonymous mcvie Says:

    Proud papa talaga! Thank god for Mozart, although studies show that the early songs of The Beatles (pre-Sgt. Peppers era, before they went all psychedelic) are also good for baby's iWomb playlist.

    Congrats to your son, but his parents have a lot to do with his success, so you two should take a bow also.

    Maybe one day Bryan can parlay his skills in Language, Reading, Writing, Math and Science into a successful writing stint on-line. Move over, Papa and your White Papers! ;-)

  9. Anonymous Sleepy Head Says:

    Ay, Best Personality pala ako ng three quarters (once every year from Grades 2 to 4.) In Grade 2, I wasn't even sure what their bases were. Though, I knew big time ang mapost ang pic, favorite subjects, hobbies and interests, and motto sa bulletin boards. mwehehehe! =) ngayon, sayang, wala ng ganyan-ganyan. so thank God for Friendster testimonials.

  10. Anonymous shane Says:

    congratulations to your son! :)