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When thou art alone in thy cell shut thy door, and seat thyself in a corner; raise thy mind above all things vain and transitory; recline thy beard and chin on thy breast; turn thine eyes and thy thought towards the middle of thy belly, the region of the navel; and search the place of the heart, the seat of the soul. At first all will be dark and comfortless; but if thou persevere day and night, thou wilt feel an ineffable joy; and no sooner has the soul discovered the place of the heart than it is involved in a mystic and ethereal light.
Time was when I would check on Sitemeter on how my blog is going, hitswise. Since then I've graduated to Technorati and exploring what Yuga has recommended. Seems that linking knows no boundaries and no nationalities, as one of my skythologies on artificial intelligence was cited in another foreign site. Sometime ago the death of Tet Antiquera sparked visits to my blog and I was forced to look into news items concerning the actress. Enough of the segue:

Somehow somebody from a local air force community would like to see some Carlo Maceda skin. Hmmm. What you see, what you hear, when you go, leave it here in my site tracker. I wonder what they use the cockpit for.

Gym, starbs, Harry Potter--none of those as of the moment.

True to the spirit of navel-gazing, however, I've found that I have a treasure trail too, thin-haired ones that you can connect-the-dots all the way down there. Looks good with the retro-print undies I bought one size smaller.

I still feel Bruce Bethke's rebuke as the red-colored voice on my left side.

*This (dubious, according to some wiki contributors) quote is the source of the recent slang, navel-gazing, which is used to indicate a supposed pointless form of activity.


  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    tomorrow, you'll get an "i-told-you-so" from me.

    with regard to this entry, i remember the carlo maceda pic...vividly hahaha. mine was "mari teacher sexy". goodness! enough na nga.

  2. Anonymous mcvie Says:

    Baka naghahanap siya ng pictures ni Carlo Maceda para umabot siya sa langit.