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When all's well, my love is like cathedral bells

I think I am deaf. I nod absently at a speaker two meters away and force a calculated smile as if I knew what he said. I keep on snorting like a seal in the shower. And I have this bad habit of forcing snot out instead of probing my nose with a cotton bud. I hear music all the time but not enough to make me a human iPod Shuffle. It's not because I am aging but because I have bad habits. Good thing I stopped picking my ears with ballpen caps. Because there's rarely a ballpen around and poking it with a mouse would be an incredible feat.

What sense would you give up if forced to?

For the love of Jove, I'll fight for the sense of sight till death. I like seeing colors and greys, and letters that file upon marching orders from an equally sweet-smelling, ink-infused, moldy-and-crackling or white, paper. I frame compositions in my mind, and wished that cameras have already been perfect to capture what I truly see and not what I want to look at. I see window greens peppered with chrome, and associate my nausea from long provincial trips. I see tan with a blustery June day and neon blue with adolescence.

The sense of hearing would be optional as I like music and choreography, at least a mind dance. But not door bangs nor a malicious whisper coupled with a once-over.

The sense of taste and smell, if they'd be gone they should go together. And so both of them should be kept. The tang of vinegar on fish is not complete without the requisite jiggle on my columella nasi. And umami is still a universal mystery that can't be ignored.

I therefore conclude that I'd forego the sense of touch as I would not want an attempt on my personal bubble anyway. Maybe it came with childhood, an instinct for self-preservation. Poke me with a stick. Lay out the radio telescopes first. A bite on my side is a death sentence that would elicit giggles, and a range of emotions from letdown to cuteness, depending on who is biting.

People say it's my birthday today.

“When all's well, my love is like cathedral bells”

  1. Blogger McVie Says:

    Talaga? It's your birthday? Kung ganoon: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    (Aug. 3? Leo ka pala, if you put stock in such stuff.)

  2. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    i am waiting for my ref cake. padala mo na dito.

  3. Blogger markus Says:

    Yes friendster says so too. Happy growing!

  4. Blogger Dean Says:

    Hey, hey, happy birthday! :)

  5. Blogger Somnambulist Nocturnal Says:

    sky dude! happy happy happy birthday! =)

  6. Blogger kengkeng Says:

    happy birthday kuya!

  7. Anonymous liquidus Says:

    happy birthday, sky!

  8. Blogger blue arden Says:

    uy, lemme practice my french: joyeux anniversaire!

  9. Blogger handyfemme Says:

    otanjoubi omedetou! :D

  10. Blogger sky Says:

    Sa lahat ng mga bumati sa blog, sa email, sa text,

    Maraming salamat
    Thank you
    Kamsa hamnida
    Muito obrigado
    Hartelijk dank

  11. Blogger noreen Says:

    pahabol ako... happy bday! late man greeting ko sa blog ko, nakahabol naman ako sa text kagabi. :D

    buti na lang may friendster, hehe

  12. Blogger slim whale Says:

    heyyyyy! joyeux anniversaire aussi! j'espere que tu aies ce que ton coeur desire!

  13. Blogger banzai cat Says:

    Ay, as my friends would say, belated hebi birdy! :-)

  14. Blogger jove Says:

    happy birthday.

  15. Anonymous slate Says:

    Hako ren! Maligayang kaarawan, Sky! Tae, na late ako.

  16. Blogger sky Says:

    Thanks again.

  17. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Happy Birthday, then!