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Editing galore

We received about 25 entries for the upcoming Warm Bodies 3 and are now into the editing portion. Portion being the operative word here, well-loved by our noontime hosts like Chiqui Hollmann-Yulo and Jam Morales, not to mention Pilita Corrales' spiel every Sunday night, to affix and integrate She's Got The Look's question and answer portion, Ang Bagong Kampeon's Pwede Pa Kami portion or an ethnic rendition of a Madonna medley in a Little Miss Philippines talent portion into the whole program.

Much of the entries, at least those assigned to me, dealt with how music and performers shaped their growing-up years. Some of them reminded me of music articles I have read on the pages of Jingle Extra Hot, the only thing lacking is the solid square of ink that's supposed to show the artist's image. Some are enumerative and should have sent me timeline diagrams instead. In fairness, 20 years ago is history and the estates of Teodoro Agoncillo and Gregorio Zaide should take note to revise their books with Vincent Daffalong and APO Hiking Society.

At least one of them mentioned a specific boyband that I can't relate to but somehow rekindled my irritation against them.

Now that is what I call nostalgia.

Until then, we will notify the lucky homepartner, I mean, the blogger who makes it to Warm Bodies 3. I won't mention them in the grand finals portion since most are searchable within the Internet and the fun will be spoiled.

We'll just keep you posted. Saranghameda, Bo.

“Editing galore”

  1. Anonymous Angela Says:

    I like the new template!

    BTW, I'm glad that you're in the editing portion. PBR's 5th issue has 4 articles lang, pero it's the normal number of articles we publish. I hope I can release it this week. :)