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Hang on and I will wait for you. Our love will always stay as good as new.

From Oliver from Chris. Just because I'm writing something else and blogging seems to get in the way.

20 years ago

My mother asked if I can be put in the star section the next year. She convinced my teacher that being consistent in the top spot merits a slot, which I got the year after until I graduated. She also bought me a Musical Multiplication cassette tape which I pined for months.

I never knew anything about Ninoy, but spelling the word "assassination" predicted a three-year hold on the Spelling Bee Champion throne which would be reprised in my last year in high school.

Had my first taste of pornography as my uncles watched from a film projector inside a nearby warehouse. There really is a purpose in corncobs, I concluded.

15 years ago

Turnover to a new decade without Papa around. Discovered masturbation, its relic a dark spot on my pillow which survived to this day, hidden somewhere in our ancestral home when Mama retired officially.

Argued with classmate on masturbation-associated guilt. Consulted a very nice priest who said beating the bishop is ok as long as it does not become a habit. Court girls, he said.

Start of the dark ages. I left the 80's Chucky Dreyfus look and faced the backprinted shirts and Vans loafers with reluctance. Good thing there were no pictures to remind.

The year after, Wilson Philips and Kylie Minogue came. And so did I with long midnight sessions in the bathroom.

10 years ago

Batch president, UP 49ers. I'm more of the lion accepting commands from the ringmaster.

Had my first taste of failure in my whole academic life in Engineering Science 11 and got used to its sequels. Late-night study sessions at the Burger Machine in Quezon Avenue and Wendy's Tandang Sora. Smuggled beer and I woke up to a half-naked roommate before an exam.

Very dull and tense year.

5 years ago

Y2K is one big effing marketing ploy! My Nokia 5110 still worked. But Erap didn't. Jobs are few and far between because I'm picky, temping for a government metrology program that never took off.

Later landed in one where I stayed for four years. Kvetch is a great breakfast I'd take every working day except payday.

3 years ago

Discovered blogging. And because I aged, much better than masturbation, though the two aren't exactly poles apart. I can do them at the same time. Discovered multi-tasking too.

Staying in Shanghai for a month can be lonely too. Thus the paragraph above.

Last year

Tagged myself as a resignation letter expert. Damn, I wish I've given one person the butt-smacking he deserves. But looking at the present arrangement, I can say that karma is cooked a la Provence. Too many herbs, too long to prepare, but tastes good in the end anyway.

This year

Moved to Laguna and renounced all the white noise of the big city. There are weekly pilgrimages to the altar of sophistication which can't seem to get out of my system though.

Sometimes transferring to a new job is a better pimple treatment than full-strength PanOxyl.


Got down to business. Serious business with all financial accounting, inventory management and pre- and post-closing procedures. The works.

Last night

Finished Rama Revealed, the last installment in Arthur C. Clarke's Rama chronicles. Then wrote my first 600 words for a dragon fic entry.


Work. Not really. Countdown to payday.


Still work. But I spring back to life at 5:30.

Next year

Still holding on to a day job. I wouldn't say here or anywhere else, but I'd probably be fine.

I know I'm getting published.

5-10 years from now

The boys will start with grade school.

We'll be having a contest of This Was What Sex Was Like In The 90's What Is It Now?

Nest egg grows and I'll be living off retirement and some royalties. The engineering life becomes a blur, except when the boys want some help with their homeworks or the wife complains about the poso negro.

Go tag yourself!

“Hang on and I will wait for you. Our love will always stay as good as new.”

  1. Anonymous slim whale Says:

    i see not much difference between masturbation and blogging, too. sometimes i can't decide which is better.

  2. Anonymous slim whale Says:

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  3. Anonymous rebel_heart Says:

    I like the way you write (: Rock on

  4. Anonymous rebel_heart Says:

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  5. Anonymous coleen Says:

    gagawin ko rin 'to in a while. nakakatamad na e.

  6. Anonymous mari Says:

    physical versus psychological stroke = no difference hehehe

    can't stay here long. otherwise your blog will be banned too. ta-tah!