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My first and only action fig was a GI Joe character named Beach Head. After losing his tubes I lost interest in these muscled dolls and pondered on their purpose. Barbies on steroids? Digital camera came too late, and my sense of humor has yet to mature twelve years later.

In other news, I've setup Fire Water Husband: Leave. Shoot. Eat. I've finally found a way to marry photography, food and design (is marriage allowed for more than two parties?). I was inspired by Good Housekeeping's centurygothicked cookbook series. Time, or the lack of it, is but another matter so lower your expectations, thank you. Takes too long to load in dial-up, but the photo dimensions are made that way.

Vigan-bound tomorrow evening.


  1. Anonymous lauteur=mcvie; lesite=http%3A//boholboy.blogspot.com Says:

    Ooh, Vigan! Darn, pabili sana ako ng longganiza. Heheh. Dedma na. :-)

  2. Anonymous banzai cat Says:

    Hah! Talk about a blast from the past! Funny enough, my first GI Joe was also Beachhead and he was my reward for a recital, can you imagine that?

    And the comic strips were damn funny!


  3. Anonymous KnOizKi Says:

    awwww! you found me ... now I've found you.