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You got me wrapped around your finger

You know I'm such a fool for you

“You got me wrapped around your finger”

  1. Anonymous saffron_blue Says:

    poetic. just wondering, how do you post a pic on your blog? i'm clueless. kindly drop me instructions on my tagboard if it's not too much of a bother. salamat!

  2. Anonymous mcvie Says:

    Hmmm... new look. Cool. :-)

  3. Anonymous liquidus Says:

    at first glance, they look like they're still falling. beautiful :)

  4. Anonymous sky Says:

    saffron blue: thanks. i left you a message in your taggie.

    mcvie: thanks. i had this epiphany that the white papers shouldn't always be white.

    liquidus: thanks for the kind words too.

  5. Anonymous abaniko Says:

    just wow!

  6. Anonymous ederic Says:

    galing nito ah. musta na? mustang warm bodies 3?

  7. Anonymous saffron_blue Says:

    thanks for the tips. just discovered that i've had the programs for it all along (picasa and hello)! btw, did you take this pic? if not, where do ya get the beautiful pics? i'm lookin to make a photo library kasi. thanks! :-)

  8. Anonymous mwah Says:

    cool ... the effects are really good. i really like looking at it. nice work.