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You heartbreaker

We're after the same rainbow's end--
waiting 'round the bend.

“You heartbreaker”

  1. Anonymous liquidus Says:

    not sure i get this one, sky. =?

  2. Anonymous jlazuli Says:

    Pot of gold?

  3. Anonymous mari Says:

    uh oh

  4. Anonymous banzai Says:

    Hey man, just finished story of e (finally found I have adobe reader at home). Outstanding, though I can understand why you were a bit wary releasing it for public consumption. Sayang though. Hehehe...

  5. Anonymous sky Says:

    liquidus: it's not meant for getting. :D

    jlazuli: uhm, sort of. a priceless one.

    mari: ah-hah.

    bc: thanks. i'll think of another way to soup it up and land it in one of those anthologies.