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Diziziiit! Warm Bodies 3: Nostalgia Galore

Memory is a funny thing. By its very nature, it is only something that you can appreciate when all is said and done. During the time that the memory is being created, when the very event itself is unfolding, you are in the moment – the ever-real present, the actual, the “now”. You are in the midst of life, your life, and more important than storing something as a future recollection is actually enjoying that instant of unfolding time.

--from an introduction by Dean Alfar

Click on the image to download or click here. A million thanks to Dean, and Oliver Pulumbarit for the cover artwork. And of course to the participants. See you in WB4!


“Diziziiit! Warm Bodies 3: Nostalgia Galore”

  1. Anonymous noreen Says:

    finally! =)

    congrats sa lahat!

  2. Anonymous Marlon Says:

    Kapana-panabik!!! =)

  3. Anonymous Angela Says:

    I already updated the site :)

  4. Anonymous Dean Says:


  5. Anonymous Dean Says:


  6. Anonymous mari Says:

    send me a copy. email mo sa kin.

  7. Anonymous mud Says:

    it just keeps getting better. congrats! :D

  8. Anonymous slim whale Says:

    congrats! now i feel like a loser for not having, at least, tried to come up with something. sigh. next time, probably.

    can't wait to read them all.

  9. Anonymous aLfie Says:



    Keep on blogging and sharing your ideas.

    From a fellow warm-bodied being.

  10. Anonymous sky Says:

    Thank you all for the kind words!

    *waves hand