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Life in a northern town

There's something very spec fic about this crag, but then again something along the fantasy line happened here in reel life.

Make a guess, please. The town is Narvacan, Ilocos Sur. Name the movie.

“Life in a northern town”

  1. Anonymous Marlon Says:

    We never miss to stop by this very spot whenever we visit my father's hometown. =)

    Maraming movies na nashoot sa Ilocos. Three guesses...

    Okay Ka Fairy Ko?

    sana merong tumama...hehe! =)

  2. Anonymous mcvie Says:

    Great pic!

  3. Anonymous banzai cat Says:

    Yep. I wonder what's the real story behind this pic.

  4. Anonymous sky Says:

    marlon: yep. i'll bring my wide-angle next time. ganda sa narvacan pag inabutan ka ng sunrise.

    mcvie: thanks.

    banzai: real story--stopover for breakfast at narvacan town, ilocos sur. cropped and filtered using virtual photographer.
    reel story--marlon got one right. there was also a shoot made in the sand dunes of paoay and crisologo street in vigan. i think they're shooting again for the tv version.