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The ones that never knock

While sighting those uniformed crew with Lancel luggages at a Kaohsiung airport lounge two years ago, I blurted these words to myself:

In an alternate universe where I am still single, I am a male flight stewardess.
Now who's got an issue with lady dentists?

“The ones that never knock”

  1. Anonymous mcvie Says:

    Oh, my dentist is a lady, and she's really good. You see, most of her clients are children, so she's got great dentist chair-side manners. She talks me through everything she does, and explains why to boot. For me, the pain is more bearable--sometimes it disappears altogether--when a dental procedure makes perfect sense to me.

    Flight steward, huh? Local or international flight?

  2. Anonymous Angela Says:

    Ako may issue sa (soon to be) lady dentist! Stalker ng boyfriend eh, hehe!

  3. Anonymous slim whale Says:

    my dentist is also female. and i love the way she offers me rubber bands for my braces: "colored or clear?" she says it as though she wants me to choose between coffee or tea. i swear, she must've been a flight stewardess in her past life.

  4. Anonymous jillsabs Says:

    when i'm in a plane, i always check my height alongside the FAs and also check if i can reach the upper bin.

    check to both, just have to pass the swimming exam now :p

  5. Anonymous sky Says:

    I wanted to be a male flight stewardess. That is all. I, thank you.

  6. Anonymous mari Says:

    sky - comment on your comment...i'd like to be one too. it was childhood dream.

  7. Anonymous qish Says:

    hi. i linked to your blog. hope you don't mind :)

  8. Anonymous sky Says:

    Of course I don't, qish. I'll link you up too.