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Thank you, India

At last, the preparations for the third installment is drawing to a close. I was getting inquiries from every other blogger when will WB3 come out. Hold on to your horses, kids, it will be this October. Quite a tedious preparation pala, this anthology activity. I learned the ropes from Dean Alfar, by actually participating in his call for spec fic.

The editing process in itself is exhausting, since some of the participants are within six degrees of separation from the editors, so assigning them to a neutral person was the way to go, except for one participant that all three of us knew personally. We ended up getting her entry more for the je ne sais quoi. I mean, how it elicits nostalgia. Nostalgia galore, remember?

Letters of acceptance, for the first time, were also sent, and reading how happy the participants felt, I placed my hand on my chest and breathed a sigh. We made someone's day. We weren't able to send letters of rejection because we've been busied with editing already. Er, honestly, we're in denial. We don't want to reject but it has to be done, except that we don't want them to know, or maybe we will send them as soon as WB3 gets published. We really don't know. We even have qualms if we really have the right to reject, given that we are just a bunch of believers in the literary potential of the Philippine blogosphere.

Now if WB3 comes out, don't be intimidated with some of the names. They're not there for the purpose of validation. Tangentially, yes because that is the way of the world but all we wanted was to cast the net wider. Think of it as alignment--no need to feel small even though you're standing side by side with giants doing the do-si-do. Smell the bromide?

To all the participants, readers and lurkers, thank you. Because we're a living organism there will be changes again. Soon you'll know, but first let us give birth to this third issue.


“Thank you, India”

  1. Anonymous mcvie Says:

    Thank god I wasn't rejected. That way I am not intimidated, but feel validated. Etchos. ;-)

  2. Anonymous Angela Says:

    Just tell me when you'll release it so that I can update the site. :)