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Will the real Argee Guevarra please stand up?

I've seen some women swoon, throwing virtual panties at his page. I felt like reading straight from an FHM Philippines Mag, and now his blog, Mr. Pogi Points can't be found.

For those of you too young to know, Argee was the former Collegian writer who coined the term "pogi points".

“Will the real Argee Guevarra please stand up?”

  1. Anonymous banzai cat Says:

    Huh? Why? I tried checking out the Pogi Point blog and it had been taken down. When I went through Google's cache, there wasn't much impressive writing on that page.

    What's the story, morning glory? ;-)

  2. Anonymous calla lily Says:

    shame on him. di man natin sya kilala personally pero nakakahiya yun.

  3. Anonymous sky Says:

    He's supposed to give tips on relationships with women in general, and somebody found out that he's a fluke. Copy-paste kinda guy.