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Brown and Tagged: Philippine Spec Fic Anthology

(I know this is so late an entry but can't blame me for catching up with work, as in work with salaries and time-ins thingy.)

Volume 1! So this might be the Philippine's answer to The Year's Best Science Fiction. But then again, everything with a Philippine sense of wonder, not just hard sci fi, is inside.

Can't find my name here? I'm too paranoid so a pseudonym is in place. Book launch at Fully Booked Greenhills on December 10, along with two other creations, Siglo: Passion and Project: Hero.

Like what they say during Film Fest season: "Suportahan ang literaturang Pilipino!"

“Brown and Tagged: Philippine Spec Fic Anthology”

  1. Anonymous mcvie Says:

    So what's your pseudonym? :-)

  2. Anonymous sky Says:

    buy it and you'll know it. :D

  3. Anonymous noreen Says:

    hulaan ko... armagosa? =P

  4. Anonymous banzai cat Says:

    Hehe you know what they say... you're only paranoid if no one is out to get you. Or was that you're not paranoid is they're really out to get you? Hmmm...