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Nothing but water

Warning: Images galore. Pump up your browser engines.

We got to spend the long weekend plus approved vacation leaves plus forced leaves plus another long weekend stranded due to bad roads here.

Amper Beach

And you thought the sea was venerable and inviting.

Amper Beach, on the other side looked surreal, as the giant smooth stones resembled a beach on another planet. The strong waves caused by a local weather disturbance looked menacing, but was lovely as to be photographed by my brother. It could have been a surfer's paradise but slamming into sharp outcrops is out of the story.

Amper Beach

We ended up eating katti, boiled freshwater snails in calamansi juice.


Too dainty to be sucked like kuhol, so safety pins came in handy. Like butong pakwan however, the joy of eating katti is in bringing out the snail's meat and piling several in a heap before spooning them like escargot.

Crabs too, in thick coconut milk and fiddlehead ferns. If possible, marry one.

Crabs in coconut sauce

Blurred. Damn hands, can't wait to take a snip of those crabbies.

Aurora is euphorbia country.


My dad has several rows of these succulents, locally known as koronang tinik. I had three plants in my garden in Laguna which he gave earlier but never knew that such would demand high prices, and that euphorbia robbery has become rampant in Baler that a special permit was now required if one is to ship large amounts of it outside the province.

And finally, aside from me, the other famous person to be baptized in this historic church was MLQ3's grandfather. Teehee.

Baler Church

Nanowrimo? What Nanowrimo? 700 words as of today.

“Nothing but water”

  1. Anonymous lala Says:

    where is this breathtaking place?

    and the food is not bad, too.

    gutom ako!

  2. Anonymous mlq3 Says:

    what beautiful pictures!

  3. Anonymous kidlat Says:

    The place is Dipaculao, Manolo ;-) Baler's neighbor.

    Hey, sky, you beat me in posting the first katid picture on the net. Nakawin ko na lang picture he he.


  4. Anonymous kidlat Says:

    Oops! I thought MLQ3 was the one who asked where's the place. Sorry.

  5. Anonymous kidlat Says:

    Oops again! I meant *katti* not katid.

  6. Anonymous sky Says:

    lala: kidlat is right. the beach is in dipaculao, aurora.

    mlq3: thanks.

    kidlat: sure, no problem with me, abay.

  7. Anonymous noreen Says:

    manong! ang ganda! inggit. na-inspire ka ba magsulat? lol

    nanowrimo? ano yun? parang dapat yata alam ko yun! lol

    (sumusuko na ata ako, after two weeks)

  8. Anonymous banzai cat Says:

    Pare! Buhay ka pa? Still writing? :-)

    Ako wala na, bahala na. Clocking 2K pala lang ako eh.

  9. Anonymous sky Says:

    noreen: andito lahat *points to right temple* pero di pa naisusulat.

    banzai: buti ka pa, 2k na. still stuck at 700 but i hope to make up for it tonight.

  10. Anonymous Ida Says:

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