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The principal's office

Melanie Chartoff, Parker Lewis Can't Lose's Ms. Musso, is an inventor din pala. According to her bio,

Along with a partner, she's developed and patented a simple graywater recycling device which enables homeowners to reuse their shower water for irrigation.
Galing. Naalala nyo pa ba kung sinu-sino sila?

*pic lifted here.

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“The principal's office”

  1. Anonymous lauteur=siege; lesite=http%3A//www.livejournal.com/users/thesiegeison Says:

    ah, kaya pala. sensya kung paulit-ulit yung pagsend nung isa kong comment. hehehe... happy new year!

    Oh, kabirthday ko si Parker Lewis. Corin Nemeck di ba? Yung lumabas din sa "Goodbye America" with Nanette Medved?