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This thing called Library Thing

Great way to show off my books (no Harry Potters, sorry!). The potential is so enormous for book borrowers (I don't put them on the shelf for display--coffee table books take care of that, but salaula borrowers beware). OC me had to go through the whole list on a single book to find out which one exactly matches what I have, and I found out that most of them, the imported titles at least, came by way of Australia. Local titles meanwhile, are hard to find except for FSJ's Viajero.

Time to exchange Library Thing catalog links. Here's mine. What's yours?

There's a widget for my book catalog (not yet full; I have a houseful of books to get this into, fyi) which went to my sidebar.

via bibliobibuli.

PS. I'm still gathering steam to write about the booklaunch last Saturday. Later.

UPDATE: Arrrrgh! I forgot that I've sold my PC last Saturday and the new one will arrive *probably* this week. My camera can't communicate with Eleanor anyhow, so I'll make a late post of the pictures. To see some pics in the book launch, go here. Yep, that's me in the vertical stripes.


“This thing called Library Thing”

  1. Anonymous banzai cat Says:

    Hehe to the man who has more names than Michael Jordan has shoes. ;)

    Great to finally meet you!

    P.S. Will bring books to add to your library next time we meet!

  2. Anonymous Gelay Says:

    I have one:


    Kaso 200 lang, bitin. :|

  3. Anonymous sky Says:

    BC: next time! great to see you there too, though i wasn't able to see who [identity protected] was.

    Gelay: bitin pa ang 200? owell. unti-untiin ko pag-update ng catalog ko.

  4. Anonymous markus Says:

    Ako din I made one: /sirkero

    Onti lang yun.

    Hey Ayala Terminal guy. :)

  5. Anonymous noreen Says:

    manong! okay yang site na yan ah. magawan nga rin ng database mga libro ko. nyeheheh

    oi i havent asked you about nanoraymo. kumusta?