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Warm Bodies Goes to the Movies!

Is Love, Actually always on your playlist? Do you still have a betamax copy of An American Tail, or a rented Carlo Caparas massacre opus that you forgot to return? What is your view on piracy, local filmfests, porn? Are you related to an artista, had a close brush with Tom Cruise or Tom Babauta, or was paid to appear as an extra in Mangarap Ka? Did you know the name of the bridge where Snooky jumped in Bata Pa Si Sabel? Do you like watching movies alone?

The theme for Warm Bodies 4, Warm Bodies Goes to the Movies, will focus on the artistas and movie fans within us bloggers. Posts related to movies, and showbusiness in general, are welcome to enter the fourth edition of Warm Bodies, and not just the standard movie review fare of the latest Harry Potter flick. The rules are still the same, you have been advised somewhere else, but there will be no wordcount limits this time. We won’t accept poems but if you did a good job in making poetry out of Rene Requiestas’ life (well, for everything else too) then we will consider it seriously.

Send your entries to Sky at oscaralvarezjrATNOSPAMgmailDOTcom with the subject WB4: (post title). We will not be accepting attachments of any kind; you can e-mail your post directly if it is short and sweet, plus the URL of the post for us to validate, or to make it easy on you, just the URL alone and it’s all done.

The last day for submission of entries will be on a Monday midnight, 23 January 2006. Please spread the word; we’re giving you the liberty to post these wonderful teasers courtesy of Johnbert/Happy Sushi.




“Warm Bodies Goes to the Movies!”

  1. Anonymous Marlon Says:

    Isang maligayang pasko sa aking kabarkada, kapamilya, at kapuso!!! =)

  2. Anonymous Marlon Says:

    Isang maligayang pasko sa aking kabarkada, kapamilya, at kapuso!!! =)

  3. Anonymous jillsabs Says:

    i sent a copy to your email, but here's a link as well because i'm not sure i if i got the address right :p


  4. Anonymous noringai Says:

    manong, extend natin ang deadline! di ko pa nalalagay sa blog ko at na-e-email sa mga tao eh. nyehehehe. :D