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Changing planes

Ay, January na pala?


Horoscopes seem to be self-fulfilling. It's like saying you want this or that for Christmas and you actually get that as your holiday gift. I wished for a Tefal pan and I got one. Talk about will power.

This January the boss should have recognized my skills and reward me for it, and that I should be serious in my work. Therefore the absence in the blogosphere. Therefore the limited internet time during office hours. And soon, more overtime work (therefore more money for a Europe sidetrip). I don't know, it just wore on me. This year I should get a transfer, a promotion or even a new job.

And what I unconsciously do is remind myself to finish my resume intended for a career change which is at some points, geographic and dramatic.

Then there was this tabloid warning that those of us born in the year of the Dragon should avoid anonymous sex because we are prone to STD this year.

But wait, it's the Chinese zodiac isn't it? And Chinese New Year's Eve falls on the 29th of January.

Dragons, you have 10 days to go before the bug catches you!

No horoscope told me that I'll be a cartoon this year. Wait, this is not a cartoon. This is a portrait.

“Changing planes”

  1. Anonymous ern Says:

    tol, sensya na medyo matagal yung paycheck mo.. di pa kasi na-eedit. napasabay kasi sa buhos ng mga articles.... but i get in touch with you soon when you can receive your check for your story... though, there's still no go signal from my boss for your story, it's already included in the march issue of The Edge as we, and Dean, told you. nice story really.

  2. Anonymous bibliobibuli Says:

    is the picture really you? am jealous and want one!!!!!

  3. Anonymous coleen Says:

    in fairness maganda naman ang Tefal na pan a. Di pa ba sapat yun?

  4. Anonymous mari Says:

    don't forget my sausage(s) okay?
    travel safely and be good.