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Do paranoids dream of electric beeps? Maybe not.

To continue with the piercing statement, I still have my reservations about this, inasmuch as I cringed and ran away when I saw the gun they use for ear piercing somewhere in Glorietta. Paranoiac that I am, if a security breach has happened on my chip implant and I need to get it out, even if it is just beneath the webby skin between my thumb and forefinger, I might faint at the sight of blood and raw tissue (the reason why I rejected the idea of becoming a doctor even if there is a willing benefactor).

Engineering experience also taught me that most chips start to get wonky on their third year. You should notice that you want to change your phone by the second year or so, and that new models also come out every once in a while. Market-driven, perhaps, or Moore's Law or some chicken-or-the-egg arguments. I don't want to be implanted every now and then, but a general anesthesia would be nice, thank you.

And just to ground myself and to remind you that even if I drift from stamen to stamen I still go back to the hive.

Yes, my story will be published in Edge according to Dean and Ern. Heh, old news, but thanks for the congratulatory messages.

Last Sunday, while thinking what to read next after Memories of my Melancholy Whores, a package arrived from Canada. Thanks, Gelay for Persepolis! Devoured it on the same day.

On an earlier episode, Changing Planes was my first read of the year, and my introduction to Ursula Le Guin. Now I can boldly go to Earthsea.

And even on an earlier, earlier episode, I closed the year with The Wind-up Bird Chronicles, and I'm worshipping at the Murakami altar again with Kafka on the Shore.

Some Etgar Keret too. Check out Halibut.

Opinions (ok, reviews--too high schoolish) later.

“Do paranoids dream of electric beeps? Maybe not.”

  1. Anonymous andrew drilon Says:

    Hey Tyron! Found you! Heee :D

  2. Anonymous Gelay Says:

    Re: Persepolis, you're welcome. I want to ask you to do a review, kaso may trip ka eh, saka meron ka na talagang article, saka ang kapal naman ng fez ko, mwahaha. :D

  3. Anonymous sky Says:

    andrew: never knew you had another journal. you're welcome here at TWP.

    gelay: as long as i have the time it shouldn't be a problem. except that having time is my problem. pero gagawa pa rin talaga ako ng review ng me. nag-promise ako sa yo eh.