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Experience is one thing you can't get for nothing.

Dresden. Windows to Europe.

Meet Poppa Justify, some say he's my conscience, or the remnant of a friendless childhood.

me: I shouldn't have done this sidetrip to Holland. It's on short notice and people are not available to get me around.
Poppa Justify: At least you can get things in order after you did Hamburg.
me: Ja, but their headcount resources are limited too.
PJ: Well, at least you have a timeline to start with.
me: It's not yet firm and I'm being rushed by my principals.
PJ: Not rushed rushed like in your former job though.
me: I'm sitting on my desk all day and waiting for somebody to show up.
PJ: You went on a sidetrip on your second week and there are no people to show you around the factory and you're being rushed by your principals. Why not leave the office early? They're not strict with the time right?
me: Yes, that will be my plan for today. I'll leave after lunch.
PJ: At least you got to explore a great part of Europe.
me: Yes. My glass is half full.

Hacked the concept off a Dilbert cartoon. Quote from Oscar Wilde.


Just because I'm out of the country doesn't mean I'm insulated with what's going on. First a disaster and then a pseudo-issue. Something which my principals treat as a conversation piece and with headlines in CNN, two blows to the national self-esteem. Not really, I think. We were always on the sidelines unlike Incredible India or Cyprus: The Island for All Seasons, so there were no high expectations to live up to in the first place. (Coos) It's alright, it's alright.

Tomorrow and I'm flying back and all I can say is...back to reality.

“Experience is one thing you can't get for nothing.”