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Journal von Hamburg in den Abbildungen

The central station of Hamburg, aka Hamburg Hauptbahnhof or simply Hamburg Hbf. How I wished that was the view from my hotel window.

Impressive facade, this Hotel Reichshof.

Inside it I have this instead:

which opened to a view of the room on the other side. May naghuhubad pag gabi...lalake nga lang.

I don't know why they broadcast sex adverts at 5:30am (to tease the morning wood perhaps) but I learned my Deutsche numerals from them, in the sultriest voice possible.

My camera, used to the tropics and Third World heat, wasn't cooperative in subzero Hamburg, and so are my hands. The Hamburg Rathaus (buti pa ang mga daga, may palasyo).

Just realized that most of my shots were of the hotel, the hotel elevator and the theater beside the hotel. I had some shots at downtown Monckebergstrasse that said "I was here!" but pretentiousness got the better of me, even if it's forgivable in blogs. Oh well, later. Anyway I was here to work in the first place. My mind is set on Dresden, so I bought a 2-way ticket on the 18th for only 72 euros. Topic of next post.

“Journal von Hamburg in den Abbildungen”