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U miss me? I miss u 2.

And so I'm off to Hamburg this morning by way of Amsterdam.

Hambrrrrrg! I can feel the chill here in NAIA.

I'm blogging through my Eleanor. Forgive me this time but wi-fi and LifeDrive rok (yup, without a c.)!

“U miss me? I miss u 2.”

  1. Anonymous mcvie Says:

    Have a good trip! Make sure to pass by Denmark and draw some cartoons.

  2. Anonymous slim whale Says:

    Hamburg, wow!

    at last, a a new angle on the stampede. i'm sick and tired of all those weepy shit i read about everywhere.

  3. Anonymous swim_bud Says:

    Aha! That explains the absence. : )

  4. Anonymous mcvie Says:

    Hoy, miss na kita! Mahal ba mag-log in sa Hamburg?