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Is good to be back

New title, same old penchant for drama.

I didn't find my old title cloying, and the new one, still about the same authoritative thingy, is more ancient, like what I will be next month.

Let me have the liberty of assumptions. I assume that everybody's asking what happened to me during the last few months of silence. I had issues. I had, well, drama. I've been published, was to be published and didn't get published. The Palanca rush I never felt as on the deadline I was 30,000 feet up in the air. I've travelled and untravelled. I've been better than most of you and I've been through the worst too.

I spent a night in Paris and made the airport my hotel. I smoke half a pack a day now. I got curious. I closed deals. I will be in Caracoa 2006 and A Time for Dragons. I've been rejected by Ideomancer and Silverfish. I made poetry out of a Taiwanese bathouse (the, you know, decent kind) and clouds that look like pools of semen or mammary glands.

I finally received my Silver Elite NWA mileage card. I was supposed to fly to Berlin the week after Paris but my boss beat me to that. I found talking about travels abroad pretentious, but proceed talking about them anyway.

I bought a domain that is sitting idly for 6 months now. I had bouts and doubts on the sincerity of blogging.

I admitted I am a pathological liar and made more lies. Made more secrets. Made even more money, though not necessarily in that sequence.

I've been searching for the perfect car.

I signified my stand against self-righteous organized religion and I glorified paganism.

I have this illusion that I am the virtual lovechild of Jing Pantoja-Hidalgo (voice momma) and Martin Amis (grammar daddy) with Dean as my plot godfather.

Or that I will be.

If you thought that the number in the title is the name of the movie, you are right. I so wanted to see the word sutras every now and then plus a descriptor which defies any criterion.

If you ask why, or if I assumed you asked, it's nothing.

“Is good to be back”

  1. Blogger banzai cat Says:

    Welcome back mac ;-)

    And congrats nga pala!

  2. Blogger bibliobibuli Says:

    hey - nice to hear how you are. i've been worried by the silence and hope i didn't hurt your feelings with my feedback ...

  3. Blogger Dean Says:

    Haha, good to read you here again. And all you've posted, well, all that makes life quite interesting, no?

    Yours plot-godfatherly,


  4. Blogger sky Says:

    bc: thanks. is good. is back. hehehe.

    sharon: i've sent you a return mail. don't worry, i took it well.

    dean: yes. la la la life is beautiful, plot godfather!