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Just press restart and it's clean

While waiting for the carpool this morning, I was able to capture on digital the tarp that's been on my radar for days. The taglines however, didn't do justice to the whimsy so I suggest the following:

Security patches available.
Dirty clothes? We'll undo it.
Where do you want to wash today?

And my personal favorite:

We also hang.

“Just press restart and it's clean”

  1. Anonymous Sassy Says:

    Uyyyyy, so kelan ka dumating?

  2. Blogger sky Says:

    noon pang may, ate. naging sobrang busy at palaging nag-aabang ng eroplano.

  3. Blogger McVie Says:

    "We also hang."

    Panalo. Priceless. Peerless.

  4. Blogger christie Says:

    Kamag-anak kaya nito yung "STAR WASH" na car wash sa bangkok? (Ang mga Thai talaga... hindi makapronounce ng "R"...)

  5. Blogger sky Says:

    mcvie: i knew it. being a mac convert you surely relate to that tagline.

    christie: yup. carpark sounds like kapok in thailand.

  6. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    naalala ko lang inyong isang tagline na nakita ko sa may mandaluyong, "we don't just wash, we clean..." ewan natawa ako noong nakita ko.